Gladiators Safe
Gladiators Safe
Q : What type of batteries does my safe require?
A : This depends on the model number of your safe. Generally, most safes require (4) AA alkaline batteries. However, if unsure, then you should refer to your operation manual or contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.
Q : How often should I change the batteries in my safe?
A : Batteries should be replaced with a fresh set at least once a year. However, if access to the safe is made on a regular basis then replacement should be made more often. Always replace with alkaline or lithium batteries.
Q : What is the best and safest way to clean my safe?
A : If you need to wipe down your safe, use a non-abrasive cleaner like Windex and a soft rag or paper towel. Never use abrasive cleaners, abrasive sponges or chemical cleaners as they could permanently damage the surface and/or faceplate of the safe.
Q : I Lost my key and need order replacement ?
A : please contact Gladiators by Phone by Email Make sure to provide either a model, serial, and/or key number so we can verify which exact safe you have. From there once we verify your safe, we will ask you to fill out a Product Ownership Verification Form. The collection of this information is solely for your own safety to prevent others who may not own the safe from trying to gain access to your unit. The requirements of filling out the Product Ownership Verification form will be providing a copy of your picture ID (Mandatory), A copy of your receipt or Notarizing the Product Ownership Form. (Note: If a receipt CANNOT be provided the form MUST be notarized. If a receipt IS Provided, the form DOES NOT have to be notarized).